Many people like travailing. Nowadays more and more people prefer to compose the plan for a holiday by themselves. Buying the travel package all in one is getting less actual, cause most of the time it’s not individual, that’s why can’t be changed up to the guest. Most of the travelers prefer making their own plan of the trip while ready made tours are not optional for this. Moreover package tours are expansive. Most of the travelers don’t plan any tour at all, they decide on the spot to do sightseeing or not. Here in St Petersburg we have a couple of companies that offer nice alternative tours to cover all the essential sights of St Petersburg – free tours.
St Petersburg is not only the cultural, as locals call it, but also a traveling capital of Russia. More then 7 billion people attend it every year. And they choose between common tours and free tours. Usually most of the common tours are the same all around the world. The guide leads the tourist and tried to make them interested with endless stories full of dates, measurements, names of kings and architecture styles. This is not what most of the people looking for, going to a new place, right? They want the tour to be fun and knowledgeable, without useless information that will wear off in the end of the tour, and the guide to be passionate and enthusiastic. That’s how free tours appeared all around the world. They are made by guides working for tips, not for fixed fee. And if guests like their tour and the way they make it, they can make a donation. That’s why St Petersburg free tours are so popular among travelers: you are not to pay if you don’t like it.
Guides make free tours for tips and it’s a very good stimulation for them. That’s why most of the St Petersburg free tours, as well as most of the free tours around the world, are so fun and bright. It’s clear from the reviews on Tripadvisor, the most reliable web sites for travelers.
Being a city guide in St Petersburg is pretty difficult because of the business competition. It is rather high because travailing business is the most common one in our city. That’s why all the guides making St Petersburg free tours do their best to impress the guests with a story of the city. Some of them are very artistic and have a very good sense of humor. And what is the most important they like their job and the city they live in and can tell lots about from inside, as locals.
Try one St Petersburg free tours by our company! No matter which one you choose, introductory, or off the beaten path, or city gardens, or subway tour, we are sure, you’ll love it cause our guides are very responsible and passionate about their job.