The upcoming Smart Free Tour season of 2015 starts at March, 15 and ends at September, 31. The high touristic season starts in may actually, but we start our tours a little bit earlier.
The period of May, June and July is the most expansive but worthful time to attend Saint Petersburg because of the white nights. Yes, white nights are typical for all the places close to the North Pole, but here in Saint Petersburg it’s a fantastic period of the year with nights short, bright and warm. This is the best time for night walks and boat tours, that offer many companies in the city. We run a special white night boat tour this season too for you to enjoy the night city sights. Comparing to most offers our tour is in english, so it’s friendly for foreigners on the one hand and pretty budget on the other.
The atmosphere of white nights attracts lots of guests to Saint Petersburg, that’s why to stay in the hotels this time of the year is not very budget. And hostels… well… make sure you’ve made the reservation in advance. I mean at least one month before the high season. I always recommend a couple of them to my friends, when they come for holidays. The best are “Mir hostel” (the hostel chain), “All faces” which is really great cause it’s organized in the attics, so you’ll get not only nice apartments, but also a great view, and “Soul kitchen” hostel. The last one is a kind of closed hostel if you know what I mean and it’s made primary for foreigners.
No matter what hotel or hostel you’ll choose it’s likely situated in the city center where we start most of our free and advanced tours. So you are more then welcome to join our tours: Introductory free tour (tour on Saint Petersburg highlights), Off the beaten track free tour (to see the insides of the capital of Sadness – this is one of the unofficial names of our city), Garden Free tour (promenade tour to relax after lunch), Subway free tour (if you don’t want rain or heat to spoil your day). This tours are tip based, so the entrance is free.
If you like making tours with a private guide and want to include some specialties to your tour, we are ready to make a private tour for you by foot or by car. The duration is up to you, but the best tour is usually of 2-3 hours. It’s enough to cover all the essentials and not being exhaust at the same time.
And… Dear students! I mean groups of students. You are welcome to our group tours with pretty budget entrance fee! All the free and advanced tours can be organized specially for your group.
There are lots of travel companies with different excursions in Saint Petersburg. But no matter what tours or company you’ll choose for your trip we are sure you gonna love Saint Petersburg. Every tour operator wants to make its guests happy. Same for us. We, Smart free tour guides, do our best for you to like this city as much as we do! Come and join our tours!