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Everyday at 4.30 PM
1 hour museum tour in English
1000 rub/person
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Make one of the most popular and interesting tours in St. Petersburg!
On the Vodka museum tour we’ll discover the history of Russian vodka as well as traditions and culture of drinking it.

If you wonder:

  • What is the culture of drinking vodka
  • What are the original vodka snacks
  •  When and where was vodka produced first and when it got its present taste
  •  What glass is the best to drink vodka from and why
  •  Why Russia is considered to be one of the most drinking countries in the world
  •  How vodka was popularized during the Stalin’s time
  • Why the picture of Lenin on the coin was interpreted with Soviet people as a part of an alcoholic propaganda
  •  What is common between Molotov cocktail and vodka
  • Why during the WWII the production of vodka wasn’t stopped although most of the other plants were closed
  •  How vodka glasses from the time of USSR and Russian Empire look like
You are for the right tour then!


  • Guided tour around museum on history of russian vodka from the moment it was invented to the present time
  • Sampling 3 kinds of vodka with traditional Russian snacks (zakuski)
  • Tutorial on drinking vodka
  • Collection of old bottles, label tags, bottle plugs and tops
  • Unusual exhibits like first hootch stills, glasses for fine drinks, medals of shame for drinking too much and vodka for spacemen
  • Collection of regular, special and gift bottles from the time of USSR and Russian Empire


The tour price 1000 rub/person includes:
  • Excursion around museum
  • Sampling 3 kinds of traditional Russian vodka
  • Set of traditional vodka snacks: sprat with a peace of onion on brown bread, cured pork fat (specially prepared bacon) on brown bread and a pickle

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